Good article. I suspect you spot on with this:

"I think the claims of a 5G zombie apocalypse were a ploy to, at the very least, distract from the swathe of jab injuries.."

The damage from the vaccines are here to stay and are only going to get worse as it plays out in time. If they get people to pay attention to other things they won't see all the oddities around them like excess deaths. I may write about this some in a future essay.

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I'm taking the Fox Mulder approach to everyone with a 'name' in the MFM: Trust No One.

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Nov 11, 2023Liked by Shane Pisani

I don't know anything about the 5G stuff. I'm notionally a member of the No5GGparty (don't ask), and they do have zoom sessions about the possible dangers of electromagnetic energy by people who appear to proper scientists (again, not attended any, so this is all hearsay) . I'm sympathetic to the idea that all this extra "invisible stuff" being emitted could have deleterious effects.

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