Wise advice, Shane. And btw, thanks for coming to my defense on my stack. I ended up changing my mind about some things in that comment thread, and I think some others did too. But not, I think, the person who gave the initial knee-jerk reaction, as you aptly pointed out.

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Even better, you can do a Naomi Klein and write a book (https://tobyrogers.substack.com/p/in-doppelganger-naomi-klein-scapegoats) whining about how people keep getting you confused with Naomi Wolf, which is a real pain in the arse because that 'other Naomi' is just a narcissistic conspiracy theorist who's trying to stay in the limelight by talking about how COVID is the ultimate example of disaster capitalism, how pharmaceutical companies can't be trusted, and how regulatory agencies are captured by the crony capitalist industries they're supposed to police. I mean, what sort of tinfoil hat-wearing nutjob would believe that?

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Oct 2, 2023Liked by Shane Pisani

But Shane, Carl Sagan advises the opposite!


However, he was just a goddamned scientist.

What do they know?

Good work, Shane.

If Mr. Sagan were alive, he'd had enjoyed your recommendations.

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