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Ha, ha.


Am reminded of an old Tom Lehrer song: "The Old Dope Peddler"

"When the shades of night are falling

Comes a fellow ev'ryone knows

It's the old dope peddler

Spreading joy wherever he goes

Ev'ry evening you will find him

Around our neighborhood

It's the old dope peddler

Doing well by doing good

He gives the kids free samples

Because he knows full well

That today's young innocent faces

Will be tomorrow's clientele

Here's a cure for all your troubles

Here's an end to all distress

It's the old dope peddler

With his powdered ha-happiness."

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Very nice piece. Mass society, both by conditioning and apathy, has delegated to the collective its thinking. The only thing left is the will to obey.

I am a pharmacist. I refused to even inject people. I have lost 4 civilian jobs. I was also an Officer in the Army and I was discharged for my refusal. I did so with the full support of my wife.

We have a major deficiency of courage in the world as it has been erased by the spectre of convenience and conformity.

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The banality of evil, just as Hannah Arendt described it.

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Very nice, Shane. Comprehensive rationales from every perspective.

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