Congratulations on your Stackiversary Shane!

I'm absolutely fascinated by the overlap section. I subscribe to all the stacks you mentioned except Igor's (I often read his posts when they're cross-posted by others; he's absolutely brilliant but I had to draw the bloody line somewhere on subscriptions, otherwise I'd have so much to read each day, that I'd never get anything else done!!!!).

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Sep 26, 2023Liked by Shane Pisani

Well done. The stats are interesting (maybe because I like stats :) ) I rarely open a hyperlink to ‘check’ what people have written , and if I do, probably don’t do the linked article/ substack justice... there’s just not that much time available. That said, I’ll open quirky ones. Whatever that means. And I find I no longer have the concentration span I used to.

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Sep 25, 2023Liked by Shane Pisani

Thank you Shane: I look forward to reading this selection again - and congratulations 🎉 on this birthday ! It seems like more than one year !!!

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From a fellow scribbler, thanks for the shoutout.

And congrats on twelve months of toil.

Whoever thought that a few short years ago, there would be such a thing as Substack and scribbler citizens who would otherwise be entirely unaware of each other.

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